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Çaunaka and åñis

Çaunaka and åñis - Once, Çaunaka and other åñis organized sacrificial yajïas for a thousand years in the holy place of Naimiñäraëya, hoping to attain the supreme benediction. After some time, they lost all hope of attaining their desired goal in this way, but they attained their desired perfection through the answers that Çré Suta Gosvämé (the disciple of Çré Kåñëa-dvaipäyana Vedavyäsa) gave to their questions. The six questions that they asked him are: (1) What is the ultimate benediction for the jévas? (2) What topic can we hear that will please the life of all souls, Paramätmä Çré Hari? (3) What were the purposes that Väsudeva Çré Kåñëa desired to fulfill when He appeared from Devaké’s womb? (4) What pastimes did Bhagavän Väsudeva perform in His different avatäras? (5) Please describe the qualities and glories of Çré Hari. (6) Where did dharma take shelter when Çré Kåñëa returned to His own abode?

All these åñis took shelter of Çré Suta Gosvämé as guru, although they took birth in high-caste brähmaëa families, whereas he took birth in a lower caste. When they expressed their inquisitiveness to Çré Suta Gosvämé in a simple-hearted way, this dearmost disciple of Çré Vedavyäsa answered all their questions with gentle affection.

When they heard his answers, they all attained the supreme perfection.

This is an example of an inquisitive (jijïäsu) devotee.

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