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Fotos de ART OF KRISHNA del álbum Fotos del muro

Dedicated to Romapada swami
"Most artwork courtesy of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International. www.krishna.com"

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Añadida el 05 de abril

Fotos de Mukunda Dasa

I am no one, nothing but a small creation of lord krishna who came to this world to do his work n to reach him soon.............

hare krishna :-
Situación sentimental:
Tiene una relación
Fecha de nacimiento:
10 de marzo de 1991
Ciudad actual:
Ballabgarh, India
Ciudad de origen:
gurgaon, Faridabad, India
Ideología política:
Congress for Democratic Change
Creencias religiosas:
hare krishna

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प्राप्तव्यमर्थं लभते मनुष्यो, देवोऽपि तं लङ्घयितुं न शक्तः ।
तस्मान्न शोचामि न विस्मयो मे, यदस्मदीयं न हि तत्परेषाम् ॥

भावार्थ : प्रत्येक मनुष्य को पूर्व जन्मों के कर्म के अनुसार जो प्राप्त होना होता है, वही प्राप्त होता है, किसी भी प्राणी के प्रारब्ध को लांघने की शक्ति देवताओं में भी नहीं है इसलिए न तो किसी प्रकार का आश्चर्य करना चाहिये और न ही किसी प्रकार का शोक ही करना चाहिये क्योंकि जो कुछ भी होता है वह सब पूर्व जन्मों के कर्म का फल ही होता है।
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Ekadashi Evening Japa Session..

if the above person write hare krishna mahamantra you have to write the hare rama mahamantra
and vice versa.

so i begin..
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare...

wish you all a very loving ekadashi.. Jai Ho! Harinaam
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Añadida el 12 de agosto

Añadida el 12 de agosto

Añadida el 12 de agosto

Añadida el 12 de agosto


Aëùa-sakhis: (sáns. vaiëòava). las ocho amigas gopis principales de Ärîmatî Râdhikâ; tambien conocidas como parama-preëùha-sakhis. Son Lalita, Visakha, Citra, Campakalata, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi, y Sudevi (ver sakhi).

Sakhi - abr 16
Las sakhis - jul 06
Los cinco tipos de sakhis - www.gaudiyadiscussions... - jul 21

Los cinco tipos de sakhis

1. sakhis
2. nitya-sakhis
3. prana-sakhis
4. priya-sakhis
5. parama-prestha-sakhis

Madanmohan das - viernes, 10 de diciembre 2004 23:34:35 0530

Sakhi - abr 16
Las sakhis - jul 06
Los cinco tipos de sakhis - www.gaudiyadiscussions... - jul 21

General description Gopi Messengers Other gopis Pulindas

varistha gopis (the most exalted)
vara gopis (the exalted)
gopi messengers
The 8 Varistha Gopis
Lalita (the most important)
The 8 Vara Gopis
Kandarpa manjari
Ananga manjari
Vira devi

Rupa manjari
Rati manjari
Lavanga manjari
Rasa manjari
Guna majari
Manjulali manjari (Lila manjari)
Vilasa manjari
Kausturi manjari

The Sakhis

A sakhi, who regards Lord Rama as her Lover.

Vaishnavas, i.e. sadhus who have chosen Rama or Krishna as their deity, are characterized by a strong, sentimental devotion and total self-surrender to one of his earthly 'incarnations' as the god-king Rama or the divine cowherd Krishna.

The deity is regarded as a 'person' with whom the devotee can establish an intimate bond, which usually takes the form of a Master-slave relationship.

Some sadhus, however, dare to regard him as their Lover, and since the deity is a male, it follows quite logically that they have to play the part of 'mistress' of the Lord. They are designated as sakhis. They imagine having an erotic 'love' relationship with him.

Some sakhis even go to the extreme of pretending to have regular se+ual intercourse with their Lord -- except on the days when they're having their 'period'.

Obviously, the se+ual overtones of their behaviour make them rather suspect in the eyes of other ascetics, since repression of se+uality is the norm, not its projection. Even if this projection is aimed at a deity.

Nevertheless, it is a recognized way of expressing devotion to a deity -- and devotion is a characteristic of all sadhus.

These transvestite sadhus are to be distinguished from another group of transvestites, or rather eunuchs, who practise prostitution and obnoxious forms of begging.

The hijras, as they are known, are completely castrated upon initiation into their order. They are regarded as 'neither man nor woman', but they dress like women and affect exaggerated female mannerisms. As in almost all things Indian, there is a religious meaning to their voluntary mutilation and subsequent behaviour.

During Rama-festivals hijras may masquerade as sakhis in order to collect money.


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