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Understanding Glorious Departure of Sripad Aindra Prabhu



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Understanding Glorious Departure of Sripad Aindra Prabhu

Understanding Glorious Departure of Sripad Aindra Prabhu

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Understanding Glorious Departure of Sripad Aindra Prabhu

Vibhava Krsna Dasa: Hare Krsna,

It was amazing to read offerings of various devotees on the sudden departure of Sripad Aindra Prabhu. As I read, I was happy to see so many people receiving his personal association and instructions. Fortunately I could meet him couple of times and whenever i did it was indescribably beautiful experience every time. I vividly remember when you told me to make some corrections in a notice which you were planning to put for 72 hour Kirtan in Sridham Mayapur in 2009. You were so meticulous about the usage of each and every word and alphabet. As Srila Radhanath Swami puts it, ” Attention to detail is a sign of love”. That was a glimpse of love you had for the Holy Name and service to Vaishnavas.

Sripad Aindra Pr, Yours is an irreparable loss to the Vaisnava world. There are going to be deep wounds in the hearts of your sincere followers. You will be sorely missed. This earthly Vrindavan will miss you and will never be same without you. Imagine Krsna Balaram Mandir at 6:30 pm…..without your kirtans ????

Lord planned your departure in His own unique way. It’s difficult for conditioned souls like me to comprehend the way you left this mortal plane. One should always consider that it’s not important how you left this world but in whose service you left this world. You were completely absorbed in your service to your beloved Sri Sri Radhe Shyam and have left in Their service. While thinking about this I remembered a story from the devotional epic Ramayana.
Ravana was enraged by the humiliation his sister met at the hands of Lord Rama and Laxman. Then when he heard about the exquisite beauty of Mother Sita, his lust arose to such an extent that he decided to abduct her by any means to enjoy her. This is a typical demoniac mentality, to enjoy, by hook or crook, what is meant for the pleasure of the Lord. He went to Maricha (who was known to be able to take any form at will) and told him to become a ‘golden deer’ to grab the attention of Sita so that she would like to have him captured. The plan was that she will request Rama to get the deer for her and after taking Rama away, deep into the forest, Maricha, when shot by an arrow by Rama, would cry out for Laxman in Lord Rama’s voice. As Laxman will leave to see Rama, Ravana will abduct Sita. Maricha completely declined to follow this proposal, remembering his previous experience with Rama. He knew that Rama was extremely powerful and so, he sent Ravana back. But Ravana was adamant and came back, and this time he told Maricha to either obey his order or die right there at his hands. Maricha thought for a while and made his decision - ” It’’s better to be killed by Rama rather than by this demon Ravana.” He agreed and as per the plan Ravana abducted Sita.

But how many times have we read what happened to the body of Maricha. Although he died at hands of Lord Rama, he died for Ravana and Ravana did not even care for his body. In contrast to this, Jatayu, the bird was killed by Ravana, but he died in the service of Rama. The reciprocation he received from Lord Rama as was that his final rites were performed by Lord Himself, a privilege which even Dasaratha Maharaj (Lord Rama’s own father) didn’t receive. Maricha left serving Ravana while Jatayu left serving Rama and that’s what counts in the end, in whose service you are leaving.

Srila Prabupada very beautifully mentions the symptoms of such a soul in the purport to Bhagavad Gita 5.11 -

Sri Rupa Goswami in his Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu (1.2.187) describes this as follows:

iha yasya harer dasye
karmana manasa gira
nikhilasv apy avasthasu
jivan-muktah sa ucyate
“A person acting in Krsna consciousness (or, in other words, in the service of Krsna) with his body, mind, intelligence and words is a liberated person even within the material world, although he may be engaged in many so-called material activities.” He has no false ego, for he does not believe that he is this material body, or that he possesses the body. He knows that he is not this body and that this body does not belong to him. He himself belongs to Krsna, and the body too belongs to Krsna. When he applies everything produced of the body, mind, intelligence, words, life, wealth, etc.—whatever he may have within his possession—to Krsna’s service, he is at once dovetailed with Krsna. He is one with Krsna and is devoid of the false ego that leads one to believe that he is the body, etc. This is the perfect stage of Krsna consciousness.

Aindra Prabhu, your life of dedication and determination is an example of an ideal disciple. You were completely fixed up in your devotion to Hari Naam Prabhu. You brought 24 Kirtan back to Krsna Balaram Mandir and fulfilled the ardent desire of His Divine Grace. Grateful for all the wonderful soul stirring kirtans. I am sure that you are now completely in bliss as you must be with The Divine Couple and are doing kirtans for Their pleasure. I hope and pray that by your causeless mercy I also get some taste in chanting the Holy Names of the Lord, the only means of deliverance in this age of Kali. To honour you some of the devotees here will be doing 24 Hour Kirtan at Hare Krsna Centre, Najafgarh (New Delhi). Please bless us for this service.

With a grateful heart…………

Vibhava Krsna Dasa
P.S - I would like to thank HG Govind Prabhu (ISKCON Chowpatty) whose lecture on Ramayana inspired me to write this article and HG Kanai Krsna (ISKCON, Pune) for his skillful editing.

Vibhava Krsna Dasa: It was amazing to read offerings of various devotees on the sudden departure of Sripad Aindra Prabhu. As I read, I was happy to see so many people receiving his personal association and instructions

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