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North America seva team approved by Srila Gurudeva

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Swami B.V. Narayan

Founder Acharya of Bhaktivedanta Trust International and International Gaudiya Vedanta Trust

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My dear Devotees,

my heartly blessings are for you. All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, all glories to Sri Sri Radha Vinode Bihariji.

On my visit to Houston this year , I have asked the devotees to form an advisory/coordinating committee for the United States and Canada to help facilitate and coordinate the Sanga development and the preaching efforts in the USA and Canada The different Sangas in the USA have met several times and have formed a seva team called “Bhakti America”.

I have asked that the “Bhakti America” consist of 1 to 2 devotee representatives from the different Sangas in the USA and Canada and that they meet regularly and serve the devotees needs. This seva team will work as an advisory/coordination group with no other administrative jurisdiction on any Sanga. Their responsibilities would be to assist in helping the preaching efforts, book distribution, coordinating resources, developing programs to assist the devotee communities in North America and provide counseling services for devotees as needed. They would also help to coordinate the scheduling of visiting preachers to North America and Canada.

We have several centers and many devotees in the USA and Canada and there are a variety of services and activities that will be benefited by the coordination and cooperation of the devotees and centers. I have asked the “Bhakti America Seva Team” to represent me in the spirit of “Love and Trust’, and not by force or dictation. I have also asked that they regularly communicate with me and the Bhakti Trust to obtain my input on crucial issues. It will be most pleasing to me that the devotees living in these countries work with the “Bhakti America Seva Team” as my representative and cooperatively push forward the sankirtan movement of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu..

Your ever well-wisher,

Swami B.V. Narayan

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