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Sanskrit Fonts

Sanskrit Fonts

Download freeware sanskrit fonts here! These truetype fonts are designed with extra characters to allow the use of diacritic marks (dots and bars) above and below the letters. They are used extensively in vaisnava/vedic literature.

E.g. Hare Krsna Hare Krsna

A number of fonts have been removed from this site since it was brought to my attention that the fonts or their names were intellectual property of Linotype.

If you already have sanskrit fonts and are experiencing problems such as squares in place of chacters, try downloading latest versions. All files are zipped, and use Western European character mapping except where stated otherwise

See Specialised Sanscrit Fonts for Eastern European & Postscript versions.

Feedback & Contacts

These fonts are freeware, and no technical support is provided.
You can contact:


Requirements: Any version of Windows

Sanskrit fonts keyboard driver Keyboard drivers (v12, 36K, Ramakanta Dasa, not needed for viewing)
Document converter Fixrtf.exe - Fixes old documents containing Sanskrit-X fonts where Word displays squares in place of characters (v3, 5K, Ramakanta Dasa)

Devanagari font (v1.0) and Devawin programs (v2.2) for converting from transliteration to devanagari text (Murari dasa, 66K)

Sanskrit-X Fonts

Requirements: Windows 95 or later

v11 by Ramakanta dasa

All V11 Sanskrit-X fonts listed below (514K)
Sanskrit Avant-Garde Sanskrit-Avante-Garde
Sanskrit Benguiat Sanskrit-Benguiat
Sanskrit-Berkley Oldstyle Sanskrit-Berkley Oldstyle
Sanskrit-Comic-Sans Sanskrit-Comic Sans
Sanskrit-Courier Sanskrit-Courier
Sanskrit-Garamond Sanskrit-Garamond

American Fonts

Requirements: Any TrueType Platform

All American fonts listed below (635K)
Avanti Avanti
Garam Garam
Tamal Tamal
Timingala Timingala
Palaka Palaka - Converts Sanskrit-X fonts to American/Ram/Tamal encoding (17K)


Freeware by Michael Best

Free fonts by Ulrich Steihl including OpenType

Last Updated January 22, 2010 by Arjunanatha dasa

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