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Shrimati Radharani's Maidservants

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In household life one is ordered to execute many yajnas and fruitive activities, especially the vivaha-yajna [the marriage ceremony for sons and daughters] and the sacred thread ceremony. These are all the duties of a grhastha, and they are very extensive and troublesome to execute. They are compared to a big hill over which one must cross when one is attached to material activities. A person desiring to cross over these ritualistic ceremonies certainly feels pains like the piercing of thorns and pebbles endured by one attempting to climb a hill. Thus the conditioned soul suffers unlimitedly.
Srimad Bhagavatam 5.14.18
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"The movements of Krsna's eyebrows are just like the Yamuna and that the smiling of Radharani is just like the moonshine. When the Yamuna and the moonshine come in contact on the bank of the river, the water tastes just like nectar, and drinking it gives great satisfaction."

Nectar of Devotion, chapter 44
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The devotees anoint their eyes with the salve of love of God, and therefore they can see the Lord's beautiful form within their hearts.
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Cows swim in the Yamuna River
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Now, there is no ready experience in this world of a tree situated with its branches down and its roots upward, but there is such a thing. That tree can be found beside a reservoir of water. We can see that the trees on the bank reflect upon the water with their branches down and roots up. In other words, the tree of this material world is only a reflection of the real tree of the spiritual world. This reflection of the spiritual world is situated on desire, just as a tree's reflection is situated on water. Desire is the cause of things' being situated in this reflected material light.

Bhagavad-gita 15.1 purport
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Shrimati Radha
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Shrimati Radharani's Maidservants

TEXT 191

Shrimati Radharani's Maidservants

Ragalekha-devi, Kalakeli-devi and Bhurida-devi are the leaders fo those gopis who are Shrimati Radharani's maidservants. Among these maidservants are Sugandha-devi and Nalini-devi (the two daughters of Divakirti-devi) and Manjistha-devi and Rangaraga-devi (the two daughters of Nanda Maharaja's laundry washers).

TEXT 192

Palindri-devi serves Shrimati Radharani by dressing and decorating Her. Citrini decorates Radharani with various cosmetics. Mantriki-devi and Tantriki-devi are astrologers who reveal the future to Shrimati Radharani.

TEXT 193

Katyayani-devi is the leader of those gopi messengers who are older than Shrimati Radharani. Bhagyavati-devi and Punyapunja-devi, the two daughters of Maharaja Nanda's sweeper, are also the maidservants of Shrimati Radharani.

TEXT 194

Tunga-devi, Malli-devi and Matalli-devi are the leaders of those girls descended from the uncivilized mountain tribe known as the Pulindas. In Vrndavana some of the Pulinda girls act as the friends of Shrimati Radharani and some are the friends of Shri Krishna.

TEXT 195
Also included among Shrimati Radharani's servants are Gargi-devi and other very respectable brahmana girls, Bhrngarika-devi and other girls from the ceti community, Vijaya-devi, Rasala-devi, Payoda-devi and other girls from the vita community, as well as the boys Subala, Ujjvala, Gandharva, Madhumangala and Raktaka.
TEXT 196

Tunga-devi, Pisangi-devi and Kalakandala-devi always remain near Shrimati Radharani to serve Her. Manjual-devi, Bindula-devi, Sandha-devi, Mrdula-devi and others, although very young still engage in Radharani's service.

TEXT 197

Sunada, Yamuna and Bahula are the most important of Shrimati Radharani's pet surabhi cows. Tungi is Her chubby pet calf, Kakkhati is Her old pet monkey, Rangini is Her pet doe and Carucnadrika is Her pet cakori bird.

TEXT 198

Tundikeri is the name of Radharani's pet swan, who is fond of swimming in Radha-kunda. Madhuri is Radharani's pet elephant and Suksmadhi and Subha are Her two pet parrots.

TEXT 199

The two parrots perfectly imitate Lalita-devi's playful jokes spoken to her master and mistress (Shri Shri Radha-Krishna). By this wonderful repetition the parrots astonish the gopis.

Maidservants de Shrimati Radharani


Maidservants de Shrimati Radharani

Ragalekha-devi, Kalakeli-devi y Bhurida-devi son los líderes FO esos gopis que sean maidservants de Shrimati Radharani. Entre estos maidservants son Sugandha-devi y Nalini-devi (las dos hijas de Divakirti-devi) y Manjistha-devi y Rangaraga-devi (las dos hijas de las arandelas del lavadero del Maharaj3a de Nanda).


Palindri-devi sirve Shrimati Radharani vistiéndola y adornando. Citrini adorna Radharani con los varios cosméticos. Mantriki-devi y Tantriki-devi son los astrólogos que revelan el futuro a Shrimati Radharani.


Katyayani-devi es el líder de esos mensajeros del gopi que sean más viejos que Shrimati Radharani. Bhagyavati-devi y Punyapunja-devi, las dos hijas del barrendero de Maharaj3a Nanda, son también los maidservants de Shrimati Radharani.


El tunga-devi, Malli-devi y Matalli-devi son los líderes de esas muchachas descendidas de la tribu incivilizada de la montaña conocida como el Pulindas. En Vrndavana algunas de las muchachas de Pulinda actúan pues los amigos de Shrimati Radharani y algo son los amigos de Shri Krishna.

También se incluyen entre los criados de Shrimati Radharani Gargi-devi y a otras muchachas muy respetables del brahmana, Bhrngarika-devi y a otras muchachas de la comunidad del ceti, de Vijaya-devi, de Rasala-devi, de Payoda-devi y de otras muchachas de la comunidad del vita, así como los muchachos Subala, Ujjvala, Gandharva, Madhumangala y Raktaka.

El tunga-devi, Pisangi-devi y Kalakandala-devi siguen siendo siempre Shrimati cercano Radharani para servirla. Manjual-devi, Bindula-devi, Sandha-devi, Mrdula-devi y otros, aunque muy sea joven todavía enganchan al servicio de Radharani.


Sunada, Yamuna y Bahula son los más importantes de las vacas del surabhi del animal doméstico de Shrimati Radharani. Los Tungi son su becerro rechoncho del animal doméstico, Kakkhati es su mono viejo del animal doméstico, Rangini es su gama del animal doméstico y Carucnadrika es su pájaro del cakori del animal doméstico.


Tundikeri es el nombre del cisne del animal doméstico de Radharani, que está encariñado con nadar en Radha-kunda. Madhuri es elefante del animal doméstico de Radharani y Suksmadhi y Subha son sus loros de dos animales domésticos.


Los dos loros imitan perfectamente las bromas juguetonas de Lalita-devi habladas a su amo y amante (Shri Shri Radha-Krishna). Por esta repetición maravillosa los loros asombran los gopis.

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