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By Srila Srila Vishvanath Cakravarti Thakura

Text 1

“I worship Lord Hari, whose feet are endowed with the 19 great opulences of, on the left foot, the halfmoon, water-pot, triangle, bow, sky, cow's hoofprint, fish, conch, and on the right foot, the eight-pointed star, svastika, wheel, parasol, barleycorn, elephant-goad, flag, thunderbolt, jambu fruit, ūrdhva-rekhā, and lotus.”

Text 2

“I worship Śri Rādhā, whose feet are endowed with the 19 great opulences of, on the left foot, the parasol, ari, flag, vine, flower, bracelet, lotus,ūrdhva-rekhā, elephant-goad, halfmoon, and barleycorn, and on the right foot, the śakti, club, chariot, altar, earrings, fish, mountain, and conchshell.”

Texts 3 and 4

“Decorated with splendid jewel lotus petals, the youthful and fragrant divine couple is splendid as a monsoon cloud and lightning as They stand on a jeweled golden pavement under a tall kalpa-druma tree by the Yamunā in Vṛndāvana Forest. O mind, please always remember Their charming, gentle smile.”

Texts 5-10

“O mind, please remember Lord Hari's splendid crown decorated with peacock feathers and guñjā, His wavy locks of hair, His forehead splendid with tilaka, His eyebrows, eyes, nose, splendid cheeks, ears, glittering jewel earrings, red lips, flute, face, arching neck marked with three lines, soft shoulders, broad arms decorated with armlets and other ornaments, hands, fingers marked with wavy lines, chest decorated with kaustubha jewel and garlands of pearls and forest flowers and the splendid mark of the goddess of fortune, the line of hairs on His splendid abdomen, His lotus navel, slender waist, tinkling bells, yellow garments, large knees, ankles decorated with tinkling ankle-bells, lotus feet, graceful toes, pink toenails, the redness that extends across the soles of His feet up to His heels, and on His right foot: the barleycorn-mark at the base of His big toe, the ūrdhva-rekhā by His fore-toe, the curved lotus in the middle of His foot, the flag on the surface of His foot, the elephant-goad and thunderbolt at the base of His little-toe, the four svastikas, the jambus, and the eight-pointed star in the middle.”

Texts 11-16

“Please remember youthful Krsna's conchshell-mark at the base of His big-toe, beneath it the archer's bow without a bowstring, then the cow's hoofprint, the triangle, the four waterpots, the half-moon, and the fish, the soles of His feet anointed with red kuṅkuma, His pink toenails, soft red heels, feet decorated with anklets, splendid ankles and legs, garments as yellow as lightning, jewel bells, slender waist, deep lotus-navel, the line of hairs on His flower-petal abdomen, the kaustubha jewel, necklaces, and tulasi garland on His handsome chest, the mark of Brahmā and the three lines on the handsome neck that gives birth to melodious singing, the large,blossoming flowers on His splendid, broad chest, His armlet-decorated arms flooded with glory, His ankles, His reddish hands marked with auspicious lines and decorated with jewel ornaments, His fingers decorated with golden rings, His face, His splendid teeth, lips, eyes, and cheeks, His handsome nose, eyebrows, and forehead decorated with gorocanā tilaka, His ears decorated with swinging earrings, His wavy hair, His handsome crown decorated with peacock feathers, guñjā, and flowers, and His glittering, gentle smile.”

Text 17

“A charming couple, two mountainous oceans of the nectar of the love they bear for each other, shines in Vṛndāvana Forest. The young girl, whose splendor rebukes the lightning flash, hides a gentle smile under Her blue sari. Please remember that smile.”

Texts 18-25

“O mind, please meditate on Rādhā's fine, curly, braided hair, the jewel, golden leaf, tilaka, and curly hairs on Her forehead, Her eyebrows, mascara-anointed eyes, ears, the charming shark-shaped earings at Her cheeks, Her pearl-decorated nose, lips. splendid teeth, musk-dot-decorated chin, neck marked with three lines and decorated with many necklaces, gracefully sloping shoulders, armlet-decorated arms, elbows, lotus hands endowed with beautiful and auspicious lines and decorated with bracelets, jewel ūrmikās, rings, beautiful fingernails, breasts covered with a splendid red bodice, locket, flower-petal abdomen with a line of hairs, navel, slender waist marked with three lines, colorful undergarments, blue petticoat, thighs, knees, legs, ankles, anklets, ankle-bells, toe-ūrmikās, toe-rings, and toe-nails, the barleycorn and ari beneath Her left big-toe, the ūrdhva-rekhā beneath Her fore-toe, the small chariot nearby, the lotus, flag, flower, and vine in the middle, the elephant-goad beneath Her little-toe, beneath that a bracelet and parasol, on the heel a half-moon, on the heel of the other foot a fish, above that a flying mountain, on the sides a śakti and pada, under the big-toe a conchshell, under the little toe an altar, and beneath that an earring.”

Texts 26-31

“Please remember Rādhā's red soles and heels, Her jewel ūrmika ornaments, red toes and toenails, ankle-bells, beautiful ankles, legs, knees, thighs, hips, garments, sash, jewel belt, navel, flower-petal abdomen with a line of hairs, full breasts gracefully covered by a bodice, neck marked with three lines, necklaces of jewels and gold, sloping shoulders, beautiful arms decorated with armlets, elbows, wonderful jewel bracelets and ornaments, red lotus hands with delicate fingers, jewel ūrmikās, beautiful half-moon fingernails, musk-dot-decorated chin, lotus face, lips, wonderful cheeks, ears with earings glistening in the moonlight, nose decorated with pearls and jewels, eyes splendid with mascara, raised eyebrows, forehead with tilaka, golden-leaf-ornament, and moving locks of hair, line in the parted hair, wonderful jewel crown, braids wonderfully tied with flowers so they appear like the confluence of the Ganges, Yamunā, and Sarasvati, bālapaśyā ornament, and splendid, gentle smile.”

Text 32

“A peaceful devotee who, reading these verses, turns his heart two, three, or four times towards the cintamani jewel of the beauty of Śri Śri Rādhā-Mādhava, will quickly and easily come to see them directly.”
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The Temple Kankäli devi

The temple of Kankäli-devi is found on Kankäli-tilä. She is called Kamsa-käli or Kankäli-devi, because Kamsa worshipped her. This is the same eight-armed Durgä-devi who rides a lion, that Kamsa wanted to kill thinking her to be the daughter of Devaki. But the goddess escaped from his hands and ascended into the sky.

Balbhadra Kunda

On the banks of this pond lie the temples of Däüjé and Lord Jagannätha.

Bhütesvara Mahädeva

The eternal area-protector (ksetra-päl) on Mathurä’s western side is Bhütesvara Mahädeva. In the same temple compound is the cave of Pätäla-devi, whom Kaàsa worshipped, and a little further on are Poträ-kunda, Ädikesava and Shri Krishna Janma-Sthäna, which have already been described.

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