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Dandavats - 4 new articles


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"Dandavats" - 4 new articles

  1. Nirjala Ekadasi
  2. Nrsimha Caturdasi 2010 Pictures
  3. Srimati Simantini Devi Temple Project
  4. ISKCON of Las Vegas
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Nirjala Ekadasi

By Dravida Dasa

This year, as in past years, we noted under Pandava-nirjala Ekadasi (coming up on June 22) that one should observe a "total fast, even from water, if you have broken Ekadasi."

Nrsimha Caturdasi 2010 Pictures

Nrsimhadeva.com: We are searching for Nrsimha Caturdasi pictures in temples which celebrated it worldwide. We have already collected the pictures from Mayapur, Ludhiana and New Vrindaban.

Srimati Simantini Devi Temple Project

Gopijana: We are very happy to announce to the whole community of devotees, the construction of a small but very important temple for Srimati Simantini Devi at Sri Jagannath Mandir compound in Rajapur, Sri Mayapur dham.

ISKCON of Las Vegas

Surapala dasa: ISKCON of Las Vegas is looking for a person capable to invest in purchasing temple building in Vegas. Due to recession, prices of houses in Vegas dropped down at least 50% of the original prices

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