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Devânanda Paòàit (glory of SB)

Fotos de Iskcon Hawaii Daily Darshan del álbum Sunday, June 13, 2010

Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Devânanda Paòàit (glory of SB)

"What purport will that rascal explain? Not in any of his births has he understood the meaning of even one verse of the Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam. The Bhâgavatam is the avatara of Ärî Kèëòa in book form. Devotion is the only subject it teaches. The four Vedas are like yoghurt and the Bhâgavatam is like butter. Ärîla Sukadeva Gosvâmî did the churning and Mahârâja Parikëit ate that butter. Sukadeva Gosvâmî is very dear to Me. He knows very well that the Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam is meant to describe the truth about Me according to My own likings. Whoever sees any difference between Me, My own devotees and the Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam simply brings destruction upon himself." (C.B. Mad 21.13)

Mahâprabhu made these statements in a voice loud enough for Devânanda to hear. Then He turned to go back to His home. The devotees following Him begged for more mercy. He continued, "All the scriptures state that the Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam enunciates the highest realization. Without having understood any of this, simply for the sake of name and fame as a religionist and a scholar, he poses himself as a teacher of this great book. But he doesn't know the purport.

"Only one who has understood that the Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam is verily the inconceivable intelligence of the Supreme Lord Himself knows that the only meaning of the Bhâgavatam is devotion. In order to understand the book Bhâgavata, one has to serve the devotee-Bhâgavata."

Mahâprabhu replied, "Now hear Me, O brahmana, and know that the only way to explain the verses of the Bhâgavatam is in terms of bhakti. In the beginning, middle and end of the Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam there is only one teaching: devotion to Viëòu, which is eternally perfect and which is never destroyed or diminished."

"As Kèëòa's various incarnations such as Matsya and Kurma appear and disappear in this world by Their sweet will, in the same way, the Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam is not made or composed by any person. It makes its appearance and disappearance by its own sweet will. Due to the appearance of devotion, the Bhâgavatam blossomed forth from Vyasadeva's mouth, by the mercy of Ärî Kèëòa.

"As the truths regarding the Supreme Authority are inconceivable, so are the truths of Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam. Many may pretend to know its meaning but they have no real grasp of the evidence the Bhâgavatam presents. But whoever who simply remembers the Ärîmad-Bhâgavatam while admitting himself to be ignorant can understand the real meaning.

"The Bhâgavata, which is saturated with loving devotion for Kèëòa, is an expansion of Kèëòa Himself and contains descriptions of His most confidential pastimes." (C.B. Ant. 3.505-516)

"Now you should beg forgiveness by catching hold of Ärîvasa Paòàit's feet. The book Bhâgavata and the devotee Bhâgavata are not different. If the devotee Bhâgavata is merciful to us, then the book Bhâgavata manifests its true meaning."


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