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Ärî Govinda Kaviraja

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Ärî Govinda Kaviraja

Ärî Govinda Kaviraja and his brother Ramacandra Kaviraja were two sons of Ciranjiva Sena and his wife, Sunanda. The custom in Bengal used to be that when a lady became pregnant she would go to her paternal home to have the baby. So Govinda Kaviraja was born in the home of his maternal grandfather, Ärî Damodara Kaviraja. Because he stayed within his mother's womb for an exessive period of time, his mother was made very uncomfortable just before his birth.

A maidservant came to Ärî Damodara Kaviraja to inform him of his wife's distress just when he was performing puja. Because he was so engaged, he could not speak, but indicated to the maidservant by eye signals that she should show the devi-yantra to Sunanda. By seeing this she would immediately be able to give birth. The maidservant misundestood his indication and instead bathed the devi-yantra and then gave that water to Sunanda to drink. In any case she immediately gave birth without complication.

Soon after Govinda's birth, his father passed on. Thus the two brothers stayed with their grandfather. As he was a Sakta, they were also influenced in this way.

Ramacandra eventually accepted the Vaisnava religion but Govinda remained a staunch Sakta. Besides talks of Bhagavati, he discussed nothing else; besides her puja, he worshipped no one else.

One day Govinda was considering in his mind, "By worshiping Bhagavati doesn't one get released from material life?"

Just then he thought he heard Bhagavati-devi say, "Without worshipping Ärî Kèëòa, no one's distress can be alleviated."

Thus Govinda began to think of accepting shelter at the lotus feet of Ärî Ärînivâsa Âcârya Prabhu. "Previously, the Vaisnavas, concerned for my eternal welfare, told me about the good qualities of my father and how he was very much favored by Ärî Gaurasundara. Though I am his son, I have been practically reduced to nothing by my bad fate."

"Now by the mercy of Bhagavati, I have understood my plight. If I can accept the shelter of a bonafide spiritual master I am sure that my fate will change. But Âcârya Prabhu has gone to Vrindavana. What will become of me now, I cannot fathom."

Again he heard a voice saying, "Your desire will be fulfilled. Just be patient." His brother Ramacandra was very pleased to hear of these events.

In the meantime, the disciples of Âcârya Prabhu were missing his association very much, so they decided to send Ramacandra to Vrindavana to bring him back. On the way there he stopped at Kumaranagar to see his younger brother. He assured Govinda that all his desires would be fulfilled, and requested him to go from Kumaranagar to Teliya Bhudarigram and make his residence there. Govinda did so and constructed a house.

Some months thereafter Âcârya Prabhu returned to Gaudadesa in the company of Narottama dâsa Ùhâkura and Syamananda Prabhu. By their presence in Bengal an inundation of harinama-sankirtana began to flood the land. Soon Âcârya Prabhu arrived at Bhudarigram where Govinda very humbly invited him to come to his house. There he and the other residents of Bhudarigram had made grand arrangements to receive him.

Govinda was very learned and very proficient poet. He composed one drama called Sangita-Madhava. As well as being an excellent composer of songs, he was also an expert singer. Ärî Jiva Gosvâmî, Ärînivâsa Âcârya, Ärî Jahnava Mata and the other Gosvâmîs were so pleased with his songs that they bestowed upon him the title Kaviraj. He composed many songs about the various rasas of servitorship, friendship, parenthood and conjugal love. They are beautifully ornamented with poetic devices such as alliteration, and are in such simple language that yet carries such deep emotion that the listeners' hearts naturally soften in love of Godhead.


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