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Sanâtana Gosvâmî (glories of SB)

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Sanâtana Gosvâmî (glories of SB)

One morning, Sanâtana Goswâmî, saw a dream in which one brahmana was presenting the Ärîmad Bhâgavatam to him. Suddenly he woke up, but seeing that no one was there, he felt sad. Later on, in the morning after he had finished his bath and performance of puja, one brahmana came to his house and presented him with the Bhâgavata, instructing him to study it very thoroughly. Having received it in this way, he was beside himself with bliss, and from that day, considering the Bhâgavata to be the essence of all scriptures, he began its thorough study.

"My only constant companion, my only friend, guru, wealth, that which has delivered me, my great fortune and the source of my good luck, the form through which I taste pleasure, my obeisances to you, Ärîmad Bhâgavatam." (Ärî Kèëòa-lila stava).

Raghunâtha dâsa Gosvâmî (Râdhâkunda renovation, necessity of bhajan-kutir, overeating in meditation

Around this time one very wealthy Seth underwent great austerity by walking to Badarikasrama in the Himalayas. Arriving there he very reverently worshiped Ärî Badrinarayana and offered much wealth at His lotus feet. That night as he slept there, he had a dream in which Ärî Badrinarayana instructed him to proceed to Vraja, where he should present all his wealth to Ärî Raghunâtha Dâsa Gosvâmî, who was residing at Aritgram. "If he declines to accept it, then you can mention My name and remind him about renovating Râdhâ-kunda and Syama-kunda."

That Seth was very happy to have seen such a wonderful dream and after returning to his home he very joyfully set out for Vraja. There he met Raghunâtha dâsa Gosvâmî and related all of these events to him. Dâsa Gosvâmî was somewhat taken aback to hear this news, but then immediately gave his consent. Thus Sethji began to work of re-digging the two kunds.

On the banks of Râdhâ-kunda, the five Pâòàavas were residing in the form of trees. As the work was proceeding it was decided that on the following day these trees would have to be cut down, but that night the five Pâòàavas appeared in a dream of Raghunâtha dâsa and forbade the cutting of those trees. Today they are still residing there. When the work of beautifying the kundas was complete, the devotees bliss knew no bounds. Nearby the kundas, the kunjas of the eight gopis were also constructed. Seeing all this, Raghunâtha dâsa forgot himself in ecstasy.

Raghunâtha dâsa Gosvâmî lived on the banks of Râdhâ-kunda without any fixed residence, staying under a different tree every night. Sometimes he would stay on the banks of the Manasa Gaôgâ. At that time these areas were jungles filled with ferocious animals. One day Sanâtana Gosvâmî came to the banks of Manasa Gaôgâ to meet Gopâla Bhaùùa Gosvâmî. Before accepting his noon meal at Gopâla Bhaùùa's bhajan kutir, he went to take bath at the Pavan ghat of Manasa Gaôgâ. From there he saw two tigers come to the kund and after drinking some water saunter off. Just near that spot Raghunâtha das Gosvâmî was sitting under a tree absorbed in his bhajana. Sanâtana Gosvâmî was startled to see this but even more so when he saw Ärî Kèëòa standing at some distance observing everything. He then requested Raghunâtha to do his bhajana within a hut.

On another occasion, Raghunâtha dâsa, who still hadn't bothered to have a kutir constructed, was sitting in the noon day sun absorbed in his bhajana. Ärîmati Râdhârâòî happened to pass that way at this time and, seeing that the sun was beating down on Raghunâtha's head, she stood behind him and held the end of her sari to shield him from the suns rays. Then one of the Gosvâmîs came along and saw this heart-rending scene, while profuse perspiration continued to flow from Ärîmati Râdhârâòî's transcendental body. This time when he was again requested to do his bhajan in a kutir, he immediately agreed to comply.

Raghunâtha dâsa Gosvâmî used to always serve Ärî Ärî Râdhâ-Govinda in his mind. One day in his meditation he cooked sweet rice and offered it to Ärî Ärî Râdhâ and Kèëòa. In great pleasure they accepted the offering and the other sakhis also relished this prasadam. Then Raghunâtha himself honored the remnants of their prasadam and in great ecstasy, due to the pleasure of having been able to satisfy Ärî Ärî Râdhâ-Govinda and Their loving attendants, he ate a little more than was his custom.

In the afternoon Raghunâtha dâsa used to speak about Ärî Caitanya Mahâprabhu. However, this day when the devotees came in the afternoon to hear him speak, they found that the door to his kutir was closed. They waited for some time but when it appeared that there was no movement inside they became a little anxious and called out, "Gosvâmîji, are you all right?" Ärî dâsa Gosvâmî answered, "My body is not well."

The devotees became concerned and immediately sent word to Sanâtana Gosvâmî in Mathura. At that time Ärî Sanâtana Gosvâmî was staying with Ärî Vallabhacarya's son Ärî Vithalnathji, who immediately sent two physicians to Râdhâ-kunda to examine Ärî dâsa Gosvâmî. After checking his pulse, the doctors concluded that, "due to eating a combination of rice and milk his body is feeling very heavy."

Hearing this diagnosis everyone was struck with wonder. That Raghunâtha dâsa Gosvâmî, who subsisted on only a little buttermilk each day, should fall ill from eating too much sweet rice was astonsihing, especially because it was eaten only in meditation.


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