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Raghunândan Ùhâkur (physically eaten offering)

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Añadida el 15 de junio

Añadida el 15 de junio

Raghunândan Ùhâkur (physically eaten offering)

Ärî Mukunda Dâs, Madhava Dâs and Ärî Narahari Sarkar Ùhâkur were three brothers who lived in the village of Ärî Khanda. Raghunândan was the son of Ärî Mukunda Dâs.

"In the house of Ärî Mukunda Dâs, who lives at Ärî Khanda, Lord Ärî Gopînâth is served with great devotion. One day Mukunda was called out to do some work, and then he instructed his son Raghunândan to worship the deity and asked him to serve the Lord Gopînâth that day. He explained to him that this deity is in our family for many generations and thus He has been worshipped by my father and his father and his father on and on, in this way for many years. Just as your mother feeds you and I everyday, so also He has to be fed everyday. Having explained to Raghunândan that this is a very big responsibility and he should be very careful to give his full attention to this service, Mukunda went out. Raghunândan meanwhile having been instructed by his father, collected the items for offering to Ärî Gopînâthji and entered into the deity room. Raghunândan was at that time barely 5 years old and therefore, when he saw that Gopînâth hadn't eaten the offering after he had imitated how his father offered the bhoga, he became very worried. Ultimately he simply requested Gopînâth with tears in his eyes: "Please eat! Eat!" Gopînâth became completely subjected by Raghunândan's simple request, which was made entirely in love, and thus he stealthily ate up everything without leaving any remnants.

After some time Raghunândan's father, Mukunda, returned and asked his son if he had done as he was told. When his son replied "Yes", then Mukunda asked him to bring some of the prasadam. Raghunândan replied, "Prasadam? I offered everything just like you told me, and Gopînâth ate everything; so what should I bring you now?" Mukunda was completely taken aback. "This boy is not naughty and is always accustomed to speak the truth. I doubt if he could have eaten everything. I wonder what actually happened?"

"Musing on this matter in this way for some time, on another day his curiosity was so stirred that he again requested Raghunândan to offer the bhoga to Gopînâth on that day. On this day however, having gone out of the house, he again came in by another way and remained hiding in one place. Raghunândan was very happy to be able to serve Ärî Gopînâthji again and brought everything into the deity room. As before, he again very insistently persuaded Gopînâth to take his meal. As Gopînâth had eaten half of a laddu, he espied Mukunda peering out from his hiding spot. He didn't try to cover up the fact that he had eaten what he had, but neither did he eat anymore. Seeing all this Mukunda was completely immersed in ecstatic love and picked up his son and put him on his lap. He extolled his virtues in a voice trembling with ecstasy, all the while torrents of tears of joy falling from his eyes. Even today, those who are greatly fortunate can still see that half-eaten laddu in Gopînâtha's lotus hand. Thus Ärî Uddhava das sings the glories of Raghunândan, who is non different from Madan (Cupid)."


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