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Ärî Jagâi and Mâdhâi

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Añadida el 10 de junio

Añadida el 10 de junio

Añadida el 10 de junio

Añadida el 10 de junio

Ärî Jagâi and Mâdhâi

In the afternoon Nityânanda Prabhu and Hari das Ùhâkur would report to Ärîman Mahâprabhu the result of their morning's preaching activities around


One day Nityânanda Prabhu told Lord Caitanya, "Today I say quite a remarkable sight."

Mahâprabhu: "What was that?"

Nitynanda Prabhu: "Two atrocious drunkards. I have heard that they are the brahmanas by birth."

Mahâprabhu: "Then?

Nityânanda : "I requested them to chant Hare, Kèëòa, and Râma."

Prabhu: "Then?"

Nityânanda: "Then they chased after us to beat us, but somehow or other we escaped by Your mercy."

Mahâprabhu: "Who are those two rascals?"

Gaôgâ dâsa: "Prabhu, they are the two sons of a virtuous brahmana and his wife. They were previously police constables of Nadiya and were upright citizens. However there is no sinful activity which they are not prepared to engage in. Their chief occupation now is drinking liquor and stealing. Their names are Jagâi and Mâdhâi" (shortened forms of Jagadananda and Madhavananda).

Mahâprabhu: "Now I know who they are. If they vome (?) here I will tear them to pieces."

Nityânanda: "Whether you tear them to pieces or not, as long as they are in Navadvipa I will not go elsewhere. I will see them chant Govinda's name somehow or other. Then only will I be able to understand Your glories. It is not such a great matter to get virtuous people to chant Kèëòa's name. But if You can induce such fallen souls as these to say Kèëòa's name, that will be something to talk about."

Mahâprabhu: "Then they have already been saved."

Nityânanda: "How is that?"

Mahâprabhu: "When they received Your darsan, then weren't they delivered? When you began to consider their welfare, their salvation was assured."

Hearing Mahâprabhu's statement, all the devotees began to roar with ecstasy. Everyone could understand that Jagâi and Mâdhâi would be delivered from their sinful activities. Haridâsa, in the meantime, had gone to see Advaita Âcârya. "O Âcâryaji! Prabhu has sent me out to preach with a wild man. Where is he and where am I? Sometimes he travels from one place to another by jumping in the Ganges and swimming. Then I get left behind. I can't swim very well. Besides that, during the rainy season there are crocodiles in the Ganges. If he sees a buffalo he jumps on his back saying: 'I am Mahesa'! Then if he sees a cow he milks it and drinks the milk. If I tell him not to, then he says, 'What can your Ùhâkura Ärî Caitanya do to me?' Today I just barely escaped with my life."

Âcârya: "Why, what happened?"

Haridâsa: "There were two drunkards lying on the side of the road. We told them, 'Chant Haribol!' But they came running after us to beat us. I am an old man. I can't run so fast. Fortunately for me, being drunk they fell down after running a few steps. By your mercy today I was saved."

Âcârya: "Haridas! You are right. That Jagâi and Mâdhâi are drunkards and the avadhuta is another drunkard. If those three drunkards could have joined together, then that would have been best. Listen, the avadhuta will bring those two drunkards here within a few days and dance with them. Let us get out of here before our position in society is completely ruined."

When the devotees heard Haridâsa and Advaita Âcârya praising the glories of Nityânanda under the pretext of finding fault with Him, they were completely rapt with joy.

That night Jagâi and Mâdhâi collapsed in the road near Mahâprabhu's house. Sometimes they would dance in step with the kirtana going on inside. The next morning, as they saw Mahâprabhu, they told Him, "Last night the kirtan was very good. We want to see the singers. We'll give them some nice things."

One evening, Nityânanda, in the madness of love, went to where the two drunkards were and caught hold of them. Jagâi and Mâdhâi called out, "Who is that?"

"I am the Avadhuta", came the answer.

Hearing that word 'avadhuta', Mâdhâi flew into rage and picked up a broken piece of a clay pot and threw it at Nityânanda. (C.B.Mad 13.178)

The broken piece of pot hit Nityânanda in the head and blood began to flow from the wound. Nitynanda in the madness of ecstasy was simply repeating, "Haribol! Haribol!" Mâdhâi again prepared to strike Nityânanda, but Jagai grabbed his hand and said, "What is to be gained by beating this wandering sannyasi?"

Meanwhile the devotees had rushed to bring this news to Mahâprabhu, who immediately rushed to the scene, followed by His associates. Arriving there, he saw Nityânanda Prabhu, devoid of external consciousness, blood dripping from his forehead. Unable to tolerate this vicious outrage against Nityanda, Lord Caitanya, trembling with anger, called out, "Sudarsana! Sudarsana!" Instantaneously, the weapon of Lord Viëòu became manifest there. When Jagâi and Mâdhâi saw the cakra, they were petrified with the fear and curled up their bodies while shielding their eyes from its blinding effulgence. The Sudarsana discus of Lord Viëòu burns tens of millions of universe into ashes. Even the devotees became gripped with fear.

Nityânanda Prabhu, however, didn't want to see Jagâi and Mâdhâi end in that way. With His hands folded in supplication, He addressed Lord Caitanya, "Prabhu! Restrain your anger. In this incarnation the miscreants aren't to be annihilated with weapons. I am praying for these two sinners."

Seeing the mercy of Nityânanda Prabhu toward these two rascals, Mahâprabhu was stunned. The devotees were likewise greatly astonished. No one had ever before seen such compassion. Though they had injured him severely, he felt not even a tinge of animosity towards them.

Meanwhile Jagâi and Mâdhâi, being tormented by the heat of Lord Viëòu's cakra, had fallen at the lotus feet of Mahâprabhu. As Jagai had prevented Mâdhâi from striking Nityânanda Prabhu a second time, Mahâprabhu declared to him, "Jagai! Kèëòa has shown you His mercy tonight. May you in turn develop love for Him." Hearing these words, Jagai fainted in ecstatic love.

Then Mahâprabhu told him, "Jagai, get up! Just see My divine form. I am bestowing on you love of God. Now just believe it."

Getting up, Jagai saw Mahâprabhu's four-armed form, holding the conch shell, club, lotus and cakra.

Jagai again fell at His lotus feet, the shelter which Mahâprabhu had now bestowed upon him, and he took those two feet upon his chest.

Seeing how his brother had received the favor of Mahâprabhu, Mâdhâi also fell at His feet, begging forgiveness. But Mahâprabhu said, "I have no mercy for you!"

Mâdhâi entreated, "But Prabhu! We two brothers have together committed the same sin. You have bestowed your mercy on one and not the other. How is that?"

Angrily, Lord Caitanya replied, "You struck Nityânanda Prabhu and caused His blood to spill. There is no one as dear to Me as Nityânanda; in fact, He is more to Me than My own body. If He is merciful to you, only then can you receive My mercy." Then Mâdhâi fell at the feet of Nityânanda Prabhu and said, "Prabhu, I have injured you. If you are not merciful to me then I have no hope."

Nityânanda caught his hands and adressed him, "Mâdhâi! All of your sins have gone far away. Just see the divine form of your Master. I have taken full responsibility for you. Don't sin anymore."

Then Jagâi and Mâdhâi both fell at the lotus feet of Ärî Ärî Gaura-Nityânanda and began to cry. The two Prabhus picked them up and embraced them while saying, "All of your sins have gone away. From today you are purified and have become our devotees. Whoever will give you anything to eat, they will be feeding Myself and Nityânanda. I will eat through the two of you and I will occasionally manifest Myself in your own bodies." (C.B. Mad 13.228)

Having witnessed this unprecedented and endearing exhibition of love and compassion, the devotees melted in ecstacy and sent auspicious shouts of "Hari bol! Hari bol!" into the air.

From that day those two brothers were counted amongst the devotees of Ärî Caitanya Mahâprabhu and Nityânanda Prabhu. They would sit at one ghat on the Ganges and, while incessantly chanting the Holy Name, they begged forgiveness at the feet of all Vaisnavas who happened to come there. Mâdhâi became so strict in his observance of various devotional principles that the devotees added the appelation 'brahmacari' to his name.

Now everyone could understand that these two Brothers, Ärî Ärî Gaur-Nitai, were the incarnations of divine compassion in this age of Kali-yuga. Jagâi and Mâdhâi were previously the doorkeepers of Vaikuntha Jaya and Vijaya.

The samadhi mandira of Mâdhâi is located at Mâdhâi-tola, Akaihat, which is a rickshaw ride away from Gaurâôga Bari in Katwa. This temple is looked after by the followers of Râma dâsa Babaji.


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