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Ärî Îäâna Ùhâkura

Fotos de Iskcon Hawaii Daily Darshan - Friday, June 10, 200

Añadida el 12 de junio ·

Añadida el 12 de junio

Añadida el 12 de junio

Fotos de Iskcon Hawaii Daily Darshan del álbum Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Añadida el 10 de junio

Ärî Îäâna Ùhâkura

Ärî Îäâna Ùhâkura was a household servant of Ärî Jagannâtha Misra. After the disappearance of Misra Mahasaya, Îäâna accepted the responsibility of looking after the household. He respected Sacimata as his own mother and she in turn was affectionate to him as though he was her son.

All of the various household duties such as bringing water from the Ganges, growing vegetables in the garden, collecting the yearly supply of rice paddy from the temple, going to the market, receiving guests and washing their feet and so on were carried out by Îäâna.

When Nityânanda Prabhu came to Sacimata's house Îäâna washed His feet. (C.B. Mad. 1.59)

He would also clean the room after meals.

When Nimai was a small boy, He was very restless and would make many capricious demands which Îäâna would eventually have to fullfill. (B.R. 12.97)

Sacinandana Nimai, the very life of Îäâna, wouldn't go anywhere without him. "Îäâna was always engaged in Sacimata's service, and thus he is extremely fortunate amongst the inhabitants of the fourteen planetary systems. Sacidevi was affectionate to him." (Caitanya-Bhagavat where?)

"I offer my obeisances to Ärî Îäâna Ùhâkura to whom Sacidevi was very affectionate." (Vaisnava-vandana/Devakinandana)

After Mahâprabhu took sannyasa, the entire responsibility of looking after Sacimata and Viëòupriya fell on the shoulder of Îäâna. After the disappearance of Sacimata, Vansivadananda looked after Viëòupriya and Îäâna Ùhâkura. The first time Ärînivâsa Âcârya went to Mayapur from Puri he had darsana of Viëòupriya, but when the three of them, Ärînivasa, Narottama and Ramacandra went to Mayapura, only Îäâna Ùhâkura was present. "They saw Îäâna sitting alone, his body shining with the effulgence of the sun. Though he tried to restrain his emotions, still tears flowed out from his closed eyes." (B.R. 12.113)

After offering their obeisances, the three companions introduced themselves to Îäâna. When Îäâna could understand that they were the favorites of Mahâprabhu, he embraced them very affectionately. Thereafter, the three of them took the elderly Îäâna with them and made a pilgrimage around the nine islands of Navadwipa to have darsana of the places of pastimes of Ärî Gaurasundara. After completing their parikrama, they took leave of Îäâna, offering their prayers at his feet. (B. R. 13.9)

After having spent some days in their company, the pain of separation was very acute. When the three stalwart devotees arrived at Raghunândana Bhavan at Ärî Khanda, they were respectfully given seats. Shortly thereafter the news arrived from Mayapura that Îäâna Ùhâkura had concluded his final pastimes. (B.R. 13/21)



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