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Mukunda Datta Ùhâkura (Along with the biography of Vasudeva Datta)

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We have to understand why people are performing such activities like beating others, killing others, and stealing others’ money. They are doing this with one intention – to become happy. We tell them, “No one can be happy by material activities.” The individual spirit souls will become happy only if they keep the Supreme Lord in the center of their lives and perform all of their endeavors to please Him.

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Everyone who meets me and begins chanting the names of Krishna says the same thing: “By chanting I am happier than ever before.” We find this in all countries, including America, South America, Malaysia, Australia, Russia and China.
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If you want to please anyone other than Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu (who is none other than Sri Krishna Himself), such as your wife, husband, children or others - and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu at the same time - you cannot. Two swords cannot fit in one sheath. Worship only Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in your mind.
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Krsna has invested all His power in His name and His hari-katha. In fact, hari-katha is Krsna Himself. In the form of harinama and hari-katha, Krsna comes in your heart. You should strongly believe this.
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Without chanting and remembering Krsna, and without knowing yourself as soul, without knowing the Supersoul, that is, the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna, you cannot be happy in any way. Whatever you accomplish in this material world cannot make you happy.
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If Krishna has been neglecting someone, but that person has taken shelter of Srimati Radhika, then Krishna is bound to accept him.
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Mukunda Datta Ùhâkura (Along with the biography of Vasudeva Datta)

Mukunda Datta Ùhâkura was the classmate of Ärî Caitanya. He was born in Cakrasada village under Patiyathana in Cattagrama district. Ärî Vasudeva Datta Ùhâkura was his elder brother.

Ärî Kavi Karnapura has written that the singers named Madhukantha and Madhuvrata, who were associates of Kèëòa, took birth in Kali yuga in the house of Datta and became the singers of Ärî Gaurâôga. Ärî Gaura and Nityânanda enjoyed dancing in kirtana with Mukunda and Vasudeva Datta Ùhâkura.

Mukunda was a very dear associate of the Lord. They were about the same age and studied and played together in school. From his early childhood Mukunda was an ardent devotee of Lord Kèëòa. He did not want to speak or sing about any topic other than the pastimes of the Lord.

Mukunda studied logic and rhetoric and thus whenever Mahâprabhu saw him, the Lord would not allow Mukunda to go until he answered His questions on logic. Mukunda never tried to defeat the Lord, but rather would answer by asking questions regarding rhetoric. Mukunda did not like these conversations and thus tried to avoid seeing the Lord. Mahâprabhu was simply enjoying his pastimes with Mukunda, knowing that in the future he would come to understand His supremacy and become His devotee.

One day at Mahâprabhu's insistence Mukunda was forced to discuss rhetoric sastras with Him. Although Ärî Caitanya did not know the rhetoric sastras, He was able to give correct answers to all Mukunda's complicated questions. When Mahâprabhu asked Mukunda to refute His theory on rhetoric, Mukunda could not do so. Thus Mukunda began to think that this type of genius could not belong to a common person. He decided that since this talented person was a devotee of Kèëòa, he should never leave His company.

Every day Mukunda came to the house of Ärî Advaita to meet the other Vaisnavas. Ärî Advaita Âcârya, Ärîvasa Paòàita and all the Vaisnavas loved to listen to Mukunda's kirtana. Upon hearing his singing, which was filled with devotional sentiments, the Vaisnavas often rolled on the ground in ecstasy. Ärî Advaita Âcârya would cry with joy and take Mukunda on his lap. When Ärî Isvara Purîpada came to Navadvipa, he was also overwhelmed by the songs of Mukunda. Seeing his ecstatic emotions everyone then recognized him as the disciple of Mâdhavendra Purî.

Mahâprabhu first revealed Himself in Gaya. When He returned to Navadvipa His personality and mood had entirely changed. From that time He never discussed or argued about logic or grammar, He could speak of nothing other than Kèëòa. Upon hearing this all the Vaisnavas came to see Him. Mahâprabhu embraced them all tearfully repeating the name of Kèëòa again and again. The devotees were greatly moved by his display of devotion to Kèëòa. Mahâprabhu began performing kirtana at His house and all the Vaisnavas came to join in, with Mukunda leading the kirtana. As soon as Ärî Gaurasundara heard Mukunda's kirtana, He fell unconscious on the ground. It is impossible to describe the divine atmosphere which surcharged Mahâprabhu's house that evening. When the Lord regained consciousness He put his hand around Mukunda's neck, saying, "Mukunda! You are the most fortunate one, I have wasted my time unnecessarily learning useless theories. My life has passed uselessly without having Kèëòa."

One day Mukunda asked Ärî Gadâdhara Paòàita if he was interested in meeting a real Vaisnava and brought him to see Ärî Pundarika Vidyanidhi. Mukunda was familiar with Pundarika as they were both born in the same village of Cattagram, thus he told Ärî Gadâdhara that he doubted whether there was another Vaisnava like him in the world. However, when Gadâdhara saw Ärî Pundarika Vidyanidhi he found him sitting like a prince on a beautiful white bed, chewing betel leaves and being fanned by servants. Ärî Gadâdhara, who was extremely renounced, was astonished. Understanding Gadâdhara's confusion, Mukunda began melodiously singing a sloka from Bhâgavata. As soon as the divine song entered the ear of Ärî Pundarika, he began crying, calling out "Kèëòa, Kèëòa". The eight types of ecstatic symptoms were visible on his body, and he rolled on the ground in ecstasy.

Gadâdhara then understood Pundarika's exalted nature. He felt himself fortunate to meet such a devotee, and was ashamed of his previous feelings. Gadâdhara said to Mukunda, "I have make a great mistake, please make some arrangement that I can take shelter under the feet of this great Vaisnava so I may become freed from my offence."

The devotees relished unlimited divine pastimes along with Gaura and Nityânanda in the courtyard of Ärîvasa. One day Ärî Gaurasundara revealed His Mahabhava continuously for twenty-one hours. He then called each and every devotee and explained to them their previous lives. In this way all the devotees received the mercy of the Lord, but He did not call upon Mukunda. Mukunda was sitting outside of the room waiting restlessly for the Lord to call him. The sympathetic Ärîvasa went to Mahâprabhu and said, "You are showing Your mercy to everyone but why are You not calling Mukunda?"

Mahâprabhu said that because Mukunda was not sincere he would not get His mercy. Again Ärîvasa appealed on Mukunda's behalf, "What could possibly be Mukunda's fault?" The Lord replied, "When Mukunda goes to the assembly of knowledgeable persons he then supports them. Those who ignore My svaRûpa insult Me. Those who are devoted to My SvaRûpa make me happy. To show their humbleness and devotion to Me they cry and hold grass between their teeth. Those who speak against Me sometimes, and worship Me other times, they are insincere hypocrites. They cannot be blessed by My mercy."

Hearing these words from Mahâprabhu, Mukunda was shocked and decided to commit suicide. Ärîvasa appealed again to the Lord, explaining Mukunda's sorrowful state of mind. The Lord said, "Mukunda will be blessed by Me after millions of births." Upon hearing this statement Mukunda began dancing joyfully saying, "I will be able to have His darsana after millions of births." Rolling on the ground he repeated this again and again.

Mahâprabhu then asked Ärîvasa to bring Mukunda to Him. Ärîvasa called Mukunda, but he was so overwhelmed with love and joy that he could not hear him. Ärîvasa then touched Mukunda's body and said, "Mukunda! Mukunda! Be quiet, Prabhu is calling." Mukunda calmed down and said, "Paòàita what are you saying? Prabhu is calling me? No, I won't go near Him with my sinful body. I will pass millions of births crying for Him."

The Lord then personally called Mukunda to come to Him. Falling at the feet of Mahâprabhu, Mukunda said, "My Lord, I am a very sinful person," and fell unconscious on the ground. Regaining consciousness, Mukunda rolled on the ground saying, "I cannot utter any devotional words, I am disgusted as I have no devotional feelings; so how can I achieve happiness? Duryodhana was able to see Your VisvaRûpa, which all the Vedas are searching after. Still Duryodhana died along with his whole family because he was devoid of devotion." Saying this Mukunda began to weep loudly.

Mahâprabhu embraced him and said, "Mukunda! Previously I said that you would be able to achieve Me only after millions of births, but due to your firm determination, faith and profound respect you have completed that time within one second. You are my dearly beloved devotee and have never done anything sinful. I performed this pastime only to teach the world your glories. Wherever and whenever I appear, you will always be there as my singer."

When Mahâprabhu blessed Mukunda in this way, everyone shouted joyfully, "Hari, Hari."

At the sannyasa ceremony of Ärî Gaurasundara, the Lord asked Mukunda to sing and Mahâprabhu began dancing.

When Mahâprabhu lived at Nilacala, Mukunda stayed with Him and the Lord listened to his kirtana regularly. At the time of Rathayatra groups of singers were formed including Vasudeva Datta, Ärî Gopinatha, Ärî Murari, Ärî Mukunda and other devotees. Ärî Mukunda Datta departed on the full moon day of the month of Jaistha (May-June). (GGD. 140, CC. 1.10.40, Premavilasa 22, CBh. 1.11.28-30, 1.12.6-19, 2.7.39-121, 2.8.141, 2.9.32, 2.16, 1.73.264, 2.26.160-166, 2.28.85-149, 3.2.35,122,133, 3.8.123)

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