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2010 Vaisnava Calendar is now online

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Scenes from the "Annakut" festival, Go Puja (worship of Mother Cow -- "go maataa"), and Srila Prabhupada's disappearance day observance here at ISKCON Baroda (Annakut was observed on October 19).

Annakut, Go Puja, & SP Tirobhav @ ISKCON Baroda

2010 Vaisnava Calendar is now online

2010 Vaisnava Calendar is now online

hare krishna

Harinama dasa: Dear Maharajas and Devotees:


Vaisnava Calendar for 2010

As surely you remember 10 years ago we begin to put online the Vaisnava Calendar each year, also each year we’ve added more and more features on this online service.

Now we have a great pleasure in anouncing that 2010 Online Vaisnava Calendar is located in his own website at, with following standard features:

* You can see calendar pages in english, spanish and portuguese language to pancanga and in all calendar menus, and looking for more languages to add, please contact us if you’re interested helping with.
* You can see the Vaisnava Calendar in standard calendar format, this means one month per page.
* If you’re a webservant now is possible to get a link to same Vaisnava Calendar following your own website look, menus, links, language, etc. You only need to send us your webiste template, and we will integrate it and tell you how to do all needed links from your webpage.
* You’re able to search the date of principal vaisnava holidays and the dates of most ISKCON’s Gurus Vyasa-pujas (we’re loking for all dates).
* You can read a brief explanation of all holidays.
* You’re able to print the Vaisnava Calendar on legal (8.5″ x 14″) sheets from each month page and use it as wall calendar as is showed above.

* you can integrate to your Guru webpage a Vyasa-puja day search engine as you can see at

Please visit the Online Vaisnava Calendar at following link:

Hopping you will be pleased with this service.

Your servants
Harinama dasa
Narendra dasa

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